Why You Should Boycott “Non-Stop” Liam Neeson’s New Movie

 Spoiler Alert.  Please be advised that I will give away a major plot point here to explain why this movie should be boycotted by U.S. citizens who still love this country and by supporters of the U.S. military and the survivors of the family members killed during the 9/11 attack…

It will be revealed during the movie, Non-Stop, that the person planning the murder of innocent passengers is none other than a former U.S. military patriot and family member of 9/11 victims who is disgruntled by the 9/11 atrocities and his perceived notion that his country has not done enough following the cowardly attack by vicious Islamo-Fascist thugs.  The good guy, of course, in this film in a peace-loving Muslim physician in full Muslim garb and beard, no less.

This is outrageous trash and stupid–to add injury to insult.  The leftist PC mob in the U.S. has been wishing for an extreme flag-waving, white, military vet redneck to commit atrocities since Obama has been elected.  It never turns out that way, though.  It has been, and will be, the way it really is: see the world headlines for the real monsters likely to take innocent lives.  Freedom of speech in this country is becoming, like Truth, something rather arbitrary, depending upon who is in charge.  Right now, it is the scum in Hollywood and the WH.

Boycott the movie…and Liam Neeson.  Actors should take responsibility for the roles they choose and the messages they help send.

Gun Violence Discussion: The Missing Link No One Talks About

Gun Violence…particularly among school-aged kids.  That’s the problem.  Columbine.  Connecticut.  And more.  The proposed solutions?  Outlaw violent video games.   Outlaw gun possession–not just assault rifles and extended magazines–but all privately owned guns.  Dismantle the Constitutional Amendments…for our own good, of course.  And while some of these wild-eyed responses, above, occasionally carry nuggets or crumbs of common sense, neither the right nor the left, neither politicians nor talk show hosts, discuss the one control that seems missing from, at least, the gun killings in schools.

What adult bought the guns and therefore is responsible for the guns used in each of these incidents?  And what legal repercussions should there be for adults who allow teens and adolescents to gain access to guns?  In my opinion: if you, supposedly the “adult,” purchases a gun–particularly a semi-automatic pistol–you should be required to ensure no teenager, adolescent, or child can access that gun.  It doesn’t matter if that teen is or isn’t playing COD or, God forbid, Grand Theft Auto, or does or doesn’t take pyschotropic meds, or is or isn’t into Goth.  That teen has no business accessing a weapon of this nature without supervision.

You, the adult purchaser of said weapon, should face serious charges, perhaps manslaughter or murder accessory charges, in the event your weapon is used in a deadly manner by your child.  It should be the law.  If it is the law already, it should be enforced and publicized.


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