Does A New Year Mean A New You?

This post talks about certainties in our life that most people don’t want to think about but should as they consider goals for the new year. 2019 will bring with it many things, let’s make sure that understanding life insurance is one of them.

10 Frequently Asked Insurance Questions.

Our blog this week features 10 frequently asked questions to help you navigate the maze that is insurance. Many people make assumptions and figure that they are in certain positions where they can or cannot get coverage, often what they believe is mistaken. Daily, we put our years of experience together to answer questions for other agents, company staff, customers and neighbors. We can help.

Technology to solve problems

Technology can be your friend. Today’s small business can use technology to leverage with there current staff to make changes in production at a very low to no cost investment. Find out how we did this using one of the fastest growing online tools.

5 questions with…. Jean Koncos LMT

I recently had the opportunity to gain insight into Jean Koncos and her profession as a Massage Therapist.  Jean is the owner of At Vancouver Massage and a self-employed licensed massage therapist with 15 years experience in the Healing Arts....

It will NEVER happen to YOU!

Many people think, “That will never happen to me!” This often comes after accidents like I discussed in my last post which you can find HERE.  My friend had the top half of his vehicle removed by a dump truck. I know, it cannot happen to you! In the mid-2000’s I had...

Friday Night Dinner….

Friday night dinner. Check out how this family figured out to keep it going. They’re not what they used to be but everyone appreciates they can get together.

Summer Safety

I started this week wanting to write a blog on tips to stay cool in the summer heat. The first thing on every single list is hydration. They say it over and over again. I figured we could all use a little education on hydration since my base definition was; drink more...

Life, Love It, Read This!

LIFE INSURANCE. I know, you have heard the same old song and dance before. Well, please, listen to me. This will make sure that those you care about, and even yourself, get taken care of if something happens to you. If you have been to my blog before you know it. Term...

Ride a bicycle daily? Read this!

I recently reached out to peers in the insurance industry to answer a question. I wanted to know if they had a resource to insure people whose main form of transportation was bicycle. Their response led me to become a trusted partner with Velosurance. Here in...

Misunderstanding or Misunderstood?

Things in life are often misunderstood. This can cause confusion and unrest among the population. A recent article highlighted people on Twitter admitting things they misunderstood as children .. One of my favorites; “I used to think seahorses...