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Insurance is crucial for businesses large and small. It can be the difference between going under and succeeding!


Life insurance is the most important policy you will ever own!  We can create a plan able to help through the many stages of life.


Home insurance is more than just your roof and four walls.  Let us help you understand the whole picture.


Insurance for items not typically covered under the basic auto and home policies.  Unique dwellings, boats, motorcycles, outdoor equipment, and ATV’s.  We have your solution!


Not understanding your auto insurance could cost you more than the repairs to your vehicle.  We will make sure you are protected. Let us review your current coverages.


For times when the liability coverage on your home or auto is not enough.  A personal umbrella policy is a good solution.  We have options for our business clients as well.

About Us

Learn About the People Behind our Agency

Lucas Cole

Owner/Licensed Agent

I was a claims professional for 14 years. I have helped people through some of the worst situations that a person could face.  Handling nearly every type of claim during this time proved a couple of things. Customers did not always understand coverage. Agents selling the policy did not always know how coverage would apply to a situation. 

I knew that there was a better way, a different way to get the job done. I sought out to create an agency to educate them on their buying decisions.   

I also wanted to be able to communicate with my customers in a way that worked best for them.  There is no one size fits all communication style or insurance policy. I have leveraged the technology of today to make it easier to reach me and my team when a crisis occurs. 

I knew this was working when one day a customer called, I could barely hear him.  He said, “I need a copy of my insurance card…” I asked what was going on and stated that I was having trouble hearing him, was he ok?  He stated that he had just been rear ended, was still in the car, and needed his insurance card, I was his first call! 

I made sure the customer was ok and that help was on the scene.  I asked if he wanted me to call a relative and to call me when he had an opportunity.  I sent the insurance card via email and text and filed his claim. Removing worry from a customer in a difficult situation, being available, and helping – I knew things were working. 

We listen, educate, and help our customers make the best buying decision.  Experience, Service, and Dependability are what everyone should expect from their insurance agent.  That is what you get from the Lucas Cole Insurance Agency. We will be there when the time comes to deliver on the promise of protection that insurance provides.

Jose Salgado

Licensed Agent

I’m a firm believer that hard work, dedication, and preparation will overcome the downs and adversities in life. When people undergo a traumatic or a severe loss, it can be devastating and overwhelming. My immense passion is helping people through a difficult time, as well as preparing for the unexpected.

Born and raised in the beautiful neighborhood of St. John’s. I graduated with a Manufacturing major at Benson Polytechnic High School. I’m a current student at Portland Community College working on my associates in Business & Management. Some of the hobbies are reading, working on 1986 Trans AM, trying local microbrews and taking a good nap.

For the last six years, I’ve worked in all aspects of the auto industry. I worked at Dick Hannah Volkswagen & Hyundai in the service department for three years. I Helped with warranty claims, repairs and maintenance. I Jumped into sales and finance for a used car dealership. I understood the power of listening, asking the right questions, explaining and simplifying the finance process was key to finding the right vehicle, and an affordable monthly payment for my client. I’m currently a licensed Insurance agent working at the Lucas Cole Insurance Agency in my own neighborhood.


Lucas is quick to respond when we need to reach out to him, and several times has gone above and beyond to help us. We are very happy with the service he provides!
We had actually considered leaving Farmers and then they changed our agent to Lucas Cole. Now, our questions are answered quickly, changes are prompt and appropriate, and some of our coverage has changed to better levels (while some went up, others even went down). Lucas seems to really care that Farmers provides what we need, he doesn’t just try to sell to us.
Thanks, Lucas!

Brigette C.

My experience with Lucas has been excellent. He and the folks on his staff have always followed up and followed through taking the time to make sure I have all of the information that I need to make good decisions and looking out for my interests. Often times, going above and beyond compared to my experience with other agents / companies. Would highly recommend.

James A.

These guys went out of their way to get us what was a very specialized policy. They drove to us and viewed the site to ensure we had the correct coverage.
Awesome response times and highly efficient and polite. Great people.

Alan B.

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