Business insurance is crucial for businesses large and small.

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Owning your own business is often the result of hard work and dedication. You need to have an insurance professional that can grow with you as your business grows.


Small business is my passion. I love helping entrepreneurs be successful. Having the right business policy can be the key to success or failure as a business owner. It’s more than coverage for the everyday slip and fall. Business insurance is coverage for the unforeseen.


It all starts with the formation of the business. Is it a sole proprietor, LLC, or Corporation? More than one owner? What happens if the owners cannot agree on a business matter? What if an owner passes away? Will the business have employees? Will those employees need benefits? What happens if someone thinks they were wrongfully terminated?




The Lucas Cole Insurance Agency works with many small businesses. Often the owners get so involved in starting the day to day operations that the details get lost. Strange things can happen, and a business needs to have an expert on their side who can figure out those details so you can have peace of mind.






One of my clients had a legitimate lease that had two companies listed as renters. Even though they occupied different spaces, the paperwork put them on the same lease.  When it came time to get the liquor license, they discovered this would be a problem.  I was able to get in touch with the proper agency, understand the issue, and help my customer successfully open their business.


Do you know if the hours of operation will affect your ability to get insurance? Do you have coverage if the storefront window breaks? Who will take care of employees and their income if you have a fire and close for days, weeks, or months?  What if something happens to the building before you open for business? Are you ready for the unexpected in your business?






The unexpected happened to one of our clients, a restaurant owner who was testing a fryer, making sure it would come up to temperature.  The high temperature of the fryer triggered the fire suppression system shutting down the business before it had even opened!  I guided the customer through this unexpected and stressful situation, helping them mitigate the damages. Our claims team was also able to help with the financial impact on the clients’ business.


Every situation is different, and every business is different.  Work with us to find a solution to fit your needs.

Lucas came out, met with me, asked questions, and tried to get to understand the business before making recommendations. I appreciated that, as well as his work to land us a good deal.

 -Chip MacGregor