Having an insurance agent to protect the things you care about most is very important. With 14 years of claims experience, I have seen more than most agents see in a career. This will save you a world of hassle when it comes time to file a claim or make changes to your policy.

In 2011, as a property claims adjuster, I went to Birmingham, Alabama. The cities of Birmingham and Tuscaloosa were beaten by storms with winds up to 190 mph.

I can remember seeing what looked like an alleyway, for miles, with houses on each side. The area between reduced to nothing. It looked as if someone went in with an eraser removing civilization in the alleyway. In other areas, houses were reduced to concrete slabs. Entire structures moved, and trees were completely ripped out of the ground.

Picture from my time in Alabama, roof damage

It was an honor to be one of the first insurance companies on the ground in Birmingham. Getting people moving forward with more than the clothes on their back was a top priority. Finding places for people to stay was also interesting. People often had to travel out of town find housing that had power and running water.

One claim that stands out to me this day involved a little boy that is probably my son’s age now, about 9 or 10. Pulling up to the home you could not tell much was wrong. When I got out of the rental car, the little boys’ mom came over and said let me show you the house.

Things had definitely moved during the storm. Looking at the openings and seams for cracks there was not a lot to look at. Things that remained in the house had been thrown about. Things didn’t line up. The exterior first glance and the interior evidence that presented two different stories.

The power of the storm had been so significant that there was a crack around the entire foundation of that home! I called my boss to discuss the claim. We agreed that it would have to be rebuilt from the ground up.

Back then we could put money on a debit card to hand to the customer so they had immediate funds. I got that done, secured them long term housing and started to wrap up the inspection.

Throughout the entire inspection, the little boy would ask questions and follow me around. His mom kept telling him to leave me alone but I didn’t mind, I like kids. When I finished, the little boy asked, “Is everything going to be ok?” I looked his mother in the eyes, then back at him, and told him that, “Yes, everything is going to be ok. It will take some time but you will get back together.”

It was at that moment that I knew I was in the right place. Insurance delivers on a promise. A promise that when a storm hits, or tragedy strikes, you can be whole again. You cannot get that promise from an 800 number.

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