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Home insurance is something most people only think about a few times in their life. When they buy a house or when something traumatic happens to the home.

Homeowner’s insurance covers traumatic events like fire, wind, or a tree hitting the home. Each policy and company are different so be sure to review yours for specifics. Many companies have stopped writing coverage for some perils like earthquake or landslide. These coverages can be purchased elsewhere at a cost.

You should know what will happen if you have a fire in your home and are not able to live there any longer. You should also know what your renter’s policy covers in case of fire or incidents. 




  • Dwelling (Coverage for your home)
  • Separate Structures (Coverage for other buildings like detached garage or shed.)
  • Personal Property (Contents, things you would take if you moved.)
  • Liability (If someone is injured on your property due to your negligence)
  • Loss of Use (Coverage if the home is unlivable due to a covered loss)


Each policy carries a deductible, and some carry peril-specific deductibles, like wind. This separate deductible is used to manage risk and lower premiums for policyholders. You should know your deductible and be wary if the deductible is stated only as a percentage. One percent of $300,000 is still $3,000.

Know if your policy offers Guaranteed Replacement Cost, Replacement Cost, or Actual Cash Value.  These will determine how you are compensated when you make a claim to replace your valuables or part of your home.

 Other things to be mindful of are mold, tree and shrub coverage, sewer and drain coverage. Some policies offer this while others do not. Make sure to know the type of water damage coverage you carry. Groundwater is often excluded. 



Back when I was in claims, a policyholder had a neighbor’s tree fall, striking the back corner of their home. When I arrived to inspect the damages, the homeowner handed me a letter that they had sent to the neighbor a year prior indicating the tree in question needed to be removed because its condition posed a threat to the customer’s home.

I handled the claim and provided the carrier the letter. They were able to collect for 100% of the damages due to the neighbor not removing the defective and dangerous tree!

Keep in mind that each policy and situation is different and will vary by state. Call today for a full review of your current coverage to make sure you understand what happens when the unexpected happens. 


Lucas Cole is great! Always friendly and helpful. He is great at explaining what exactly I’m getting in my insurance product. Thanks!

 -Marie Phillips Barlow