I was surfing content this morning, looking for a blog topic. I ran across an article on https://insurancenewsnet.com/ [1] referencing a study from Chubb entitled “The Overlooked Gap In Financial Advice.” [2]

The excerpt that caught my attention follows;

U.S. adults are taking a big financial risk by not protecting financial assets, especially by ignoring the need for property and casualty (P&C) insurance…


An “overlooked gap in financial planning that could end up costing consumers thousands or even millions,” …


The gap Chubb references is P&C insurance, and it’s a big one.


“You think the chances of getting into a car accident and having to postpone your career for two years due to injury, or being sued by your neighbor because their child got hurt while playing in your backyard, are very unlikely,” Chubb stated. But those events “are much more common than expected, and the majority are not adequately protected.”

This article centers perfectly on the way that we want to protect you at the Lucas Cole Insurance Agency. It is important that, even if we don’t take care of your financial assets, we understand them. Knowing the total assets of our insurance clients allows us to provide adequate liability and uninsured motorist limits on our client accounts.

Knowing the lifestyle of our clients and having open conversations with them allows us to properly protect the items inside your home. Handling claims for 14 years, I have seen many people due to wind, fire, and water needing to replace the entire interior contents of a home due to a disaster.

It is important to know, that when a disaster happens, you will have access to some sense of normalcy by being able to buy clothes and personal items necessary for daily living. Knowing this will not set you back for years financially will also ease the tremendous stress of a loss.

Car accidents and slips and falls can potentially put your entire life’s work in jeopardy.  Knowing what you do, who you are, and changes you are anticipating helps your risk management professional protect you properly.

This is why we, and hopefully your current agency, reach out frequently to see if there are any changes that have occurred that require us to update your coverage. Trust me, I have had more than one person forget to tell us they moved or sold a house.

Be it financial products, life insurance, auto insurance, renters, or business insurance we must understand the complete picture of our clients to provide proper protection.

As the owner of the Lucas Cole Insurance Agency, I can promise this; We may not always be the best fit or cheapest option. We will have a conversation about coverage levels and options. If what you currently have is the best option, we will tell you that. Our mission is to make the communities we live and work in a better and safer place to live one conversation at a time.

If we can help make sure that you and your family are properly protected call us at 971-303-8508, visit our website; https://www.lucascole.com or send me an email lcole2@farmersagent.com

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[1] https://insurancenewsnet.com/innarticle/report-clients-want-pc-but-are-advisors-listening

[2]  https://www2.chubb.com/us-en/individuals-families/financial-advisor/pdf/chubb-oliverwyman_fa-resourceguide_pages.pdf