Many people think, “That will never happen to me!”

This often comes after accidents like I discussed in my last post which you can find HERE.  My friend had the top half of his vehicle removed by a dump truck. I know, it cannot happen to you!

In the mid-2000’s I had the opportunity to travel to Alabama. The purpose of this trip was to handle claims from the hurricanes in Birmingham. These storms claimed lives and caused millions in property damage. I know, it cannot happen to you!  

I handled a claim where people were coming home from a night on the town. They thought they were ok to drive, lost control and hit a tree. This claim cost them the life of a friend. I know, it cannot happen to you!

I have seen friends and family through insurmountable circumstances. One of my friends recently made the buy of a lifetime, the home of their dreams! This came on the heels of dealing with some personal issues that would have toppled others. See, It might happen to you!

I have friends that have pursued the 9-5 job for years. They continue to climb the corporate ladder. The job is a means to an end. They earn income to provide their family with the opportunities they did not have. This might be you!

The point of all this is that no matter what we think, it can happen to you. I mean, who in their right mind would have thought Sharknado would have made it out of the meeting room? Not me. Most sports fans know that is why they play the games.

Vegas bookmakers, (soon to be coming to a state near you.) are not correct 100% of the time. That is why you will hear me talk about risk management and life insurance time and time again. There is not a product that is the same one size fits all solution for everyone.

Odds of getting struck by lightning 1 in 700,000
Odds of getting struck by lightning twice 1 in 960,000*
Odds of dying in a vehicle accident 1 in 365*
Odds your household will have a reported home fire in an average lifetime: 1 in 4.
Odds of dying: 1:1

The odds are not forever in our favor. We all end up dead. How we walk towards that end is up to us.

Take this example from this article I found online; “A study by the National Bureau of Economic Research found not so long ago that almost half of Americans die nearly broke. Of the general population, 46% of retirees die with savings of $10,000 or less. But that number climbs to 57% among retirees who are single.” [1]

Life Insurance should be part of every retirement plan to make sure no one dies broke. Please discuss this with a licensed professional today.

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Hey, if you are still on the, “It won’t happen to me” train check out this article;


The picture used in conjunction with this story was borrowed from a friend who borrowed it from another and so on and so forth.