Why life insurance is the most important policy you will buy.

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Life insurance is the most important policy you will ever own. It is also one of the most difficult policies to understand. When it comes to selecting the right life insurance plan, it is vital to ask a professional. The Lucas Cole Agency has over 14 years of experience in the industry and has a life insurance specialist on hand ready to consult for complex cases.

There are several options in life insurance that can fit your needs. It creates an immediate estate for people looking to take care of loved ones. It can help make a traumatic event less burdensome to those left behind.

Small businesses use life insurance in business continuation and succession planning. If a key employee, owner, or partner dies, life insurance helps ensure that the company will continue.



Term Life Insurance provides coverage for a set period. It is usually less expensive than Whole Life. It will provide the most amount of coverage for the lowest initial cost. Term is a good choice for temporary needs or if funds are limited. Some term policies are convertible to permanent coverage. 

Whole Life Insurance includes Whole and Universal Life policies. It is often used to cover long-term needs like spousal income or inheritance for one’s children. Whole life is good for young adults starting an insurance plan. It is also good for families looking to save for the future.

New parents and newly self-employed people must discuss life insurance.


My parents divorced when I was about 12 years old. During the previous 12 years, they took out a life insurance policy in my name.  However, that policy was canceled during the divorce. Then the day before my 21st birthday I was diagnosed with Type-1 Diabetes. 

That diagnoses reduced my “insurability”, a term that means my ability to be insured. If my parents had kept that life insurance policy for me, despite my diagnosis of Type -1 diabetes, I would still be paying the nominal fee of the original policy. However, today I pay five times what a man of my age would pay without my condition.  

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