LIFE INSURANCE. I know, you have heard the same old song and dance before. Well, please, listen to me. This will make sure that those you care about, and even yourself, get taken care of if something happens to you.

If you have been to my blog before you know it. Term life insurance is like renting a home and whole life insurance is like buying the home. You leave the rental and you have nothing. You sell the home you have any positive equity or cash value, that is remaining. Let me tell you a story that made the need to talk to people about life insurance hit far too close to home.

I have a very close friend who was in a serious accident less than one month ago. The top of his vehicle, from trunk to bumper, was crushed. When I saw the picture, had he not been the one who sent it to me, I would have assumed he was dead. In my 14 years of claims, I had seen cars with far less damage and death being the result.

My questions to him were about his condition and what happened. I asked him what I could do for him. Honestly, his response is what led me down the path that I am helping you travel. He said, “I am just glad you are not handing my sister a life insurance check.” Thankfully I didn’t have to but I could have had it been necessary.

In my life, it is clear that bad things happen to good people. I am an insurance agent, people don’t call me with good news most of the time.

My 14 years of claims and my prior career as a restaurant manager made talking to people easy. I understand how to de-escalate situations and find resolutions. It was still difficult to explain the complexities of life insurance.

I recently attended an agency conference in Vancouver, Washington. I had an opportunity to listen to David Porter author of, “Juror Number One and the Alternate Retirement Plan.” This is not a John Grisham novel about a lawyer saving a city.

This book starts explaining the differences in life insurance and retirement products. He addresses both the positives and negatives of the retirement and insurance products.

The opening statement then begins; [1]

“What would you think if I told you that I was going to give you a retirement product that would:

1. Capture market gains whenever they occur;
2. NEVER participate in market losses;
3. Lock in the money you earn each year, so you could never lose it;
4. Allow you to access your money, even your gains, tax-free;
5. Allow you to access your money for any reason, at any time and at any age without penalty.
6. Allow you to keep your money invested for as long as you like without penalty;
7. Be protected if you are involved or sued in a lawsuit (depending on the laws of your state);
8. Provide a large, income tax-free payment, to the person of your choosing if you died prematurely;
9. Allow a portion to be accelerated for purposes of chronic illness, acting in the stead of long-term care (without charge until activated)?

You would probably think this sounds too good to be true, right?”

It is not too good to be true. Porter puts the words in plain English. He makes his points and moves through them efficiently. He presents the facts and backs them up with factual data that validate his thought process.

When I first started my journey, I was going to only give it to the first 10 people that asked for a copy.

I am going to take this one step further;

Email me; or
call my office at 971-303-8508

We will send anyone a FREE copy of this book. This is how important people are in my agency and how important understanding life insurance is for everyone.

GET IN TOUCH TODAY and be able to make an intelligent, well thought out decision concerning the most important policy you will ever buy.

[1]   1 Porter, David M. “Juror Number One and the Alternate Retirement Plan” pages 17-18