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Home Related Personal Insurance

Single Family Home, Condominiums, Townhomes, Renters Insurance, & More

Homeowners Insurance

Owning a home is one of the biggest and most rewarding investments you will make, so make sure you protect it! Get a homeowners insurance policy that is right for you. We’ll help you build a policy that fits the unique characteristics of your home, and have the resources available to help you and your family get back on your feet as quickly as possible should something ever go wrong.

Landlords Insurance

Your rental property is a big investment that requires unique protection. Landlord insurance provides you with both property, liability, and other coverages to protect you from financial losses.

Renters Insurance

Renters insurance is often required by your landlord and can protect you and your belongings if stolen or damaged from a covered loss. Renters insurance is dependable, and surprisingly affordable as well; so don’t hesitate to let us help you find the right policy.

Condominiums Insurance

Condos are a great alternative to buying a home or renting an apartment, but they come with their own insurance needs.

Townhouse Insurance

Townhome insurance can be confusing – we share a wall, but do we share a policy? Luckily, we know all about townhomes and how to get you the right coverage

Earthquake Insurance

Here in the Pacific Northwest, earthquake insurance has been more difficult to find and more expensive to insure. We’ll help you access markets that can provide the right coverage for you.

Flood Insurance

If you live in a flood zone or are about to purchase property in a flood zone, we can help you find the insurance coverage to protect your home and property.

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“My experience with Lucas has been excellent. He and the folks on his staff have always followed up and followed through taking the time to make sure I have all of the information that I need to make good decisions and looking out for my interests. Often times, going above and beyond compared to my experience with other agents/companies. Would highly recommend.”

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Auto Related Personal Insurance

Auto, Classic Cars, Boats, Motorcycles, RVs Insurance, & More

Auto Insurance

The states of Oregon and Washington require drivers to carry automobile insurance; however, the coverage you carry is up to you. Your auto insurance coverage should be customized to fit your individual needs and requirements.

Visit us today, and we can help you determine the auto coverage that meets your needs. From Personal Injury Protection, Collision, Comprehensive, Uninsured Motorist, Liability coverage, and more there are a lot of things to consider.  This is where we come in.  Call us today or provide your information online and we will help!

Boat Insurance

Boat insurance is like auto insurance – you need to have a policy built for your unique needs and requirements. Like auto insurance, your coverage should also protect your assets if an accident happens.

Motorcycle Insurance and more

If two wheels are your preferred mode of transportation, we’re here to help you protect them, and the rest of your motorcycle as well. Like automobiles, Oregon and Washington both require riders to carry motorcycle insurance, so don’t go without it!

Classic Car Insurance and more

Much more than your daily driver, we understand that Classic Car Insurance is often protecting a member of the family.  Many of these vehicles hold a special place in the owner’s heart and with Hagerty Classic Car Insurance we can make sure that you have the coverage you need.

From expert claims adjusters, guaranteed value, roadside, and spare parts coverage Hagerty has you protected. We combine our services with Hagerty to provide you the best of both worlds in Class Car Insurance.

Call or check in with us online and we can help you get started! 

Motorhomes and RVs Insurance

Motorhome and RV insurance policies are individually tailored to the specific needs and uses of your vehicle. Find the right coverage for you so that your vacation and travel plans don’t get sidetracked.

Snowmobile Insurance

Contact us today to see how a snowmobile insurance policy can help protect you, your sled and its parts.

Off Road Vehicles Insurance

If you like to have fun with ATV’s, dirt bikes, and dune buggies, find the right off-road insurance policy to cover you on or off your property, and in transit of your vehicle.

Our Clients Love Us

“I met with Lucas and found him to be extremely knowledgeable, very honest, and helpful in navigating the world of insurance. It feels like it’s getting more difficult to find someone as experienced as Lucas to work with. I definitely trust Lucas to the point I would refer friends and family to him.”

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Other Personal Insurance Products

Pet Insurance, Vacant Homes, Builders Risk, Umbrella Insurance, & More

Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance provides extra liability coverage to you in excess of other policies. Get an extra layer of security in the event of property damages or injuries.

Vacant Homes Insurance

Whether you’re flipping a home or waiting to sell after moving out of your home, owning a vacant property comes with unique risks. We’ll provide coverage with affordable monthly payment plans.

Pet Insurance

You have insurance for the rest of your family; so don’t forget about the furry family members. Find the best pet insurance policy to cover wellness, illness, emergency visits and more.

House FLIPPING Insurance

Buying, rehabbing, and selling homes can be a stressful business, but we take the stress out of the insurance coverage. House flipping insurance policies are a little more complicated than just homeowners insurance, but we’ll help you put together the right policy.

Builders Risk Insurance

While building your home from the ground up is an exciting adventure, there are many risks associated with doing so, such as liability and theft. Protect your materials, fixtures, and equipment with a builder’s risk insurance policy.

Our Clients Love Us

“The team at Lucas Cole Insurance are knowledgeable and so helpful, and it doesn’t stop at insurance. They truly care about their clients and their community. If you need or have insurance, check with them to make sure you have the best price and the right coverage.”

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